What is WPRangers?

ranger noun
plural noun: rangers
  1. a keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside.
  2. a member of a body of armed men

WPRangers.com helps you in creating, updating and maintaining your websites. We also keep your websites up to date and free from any malware & viruses.

Our responsibility is to guard your websites and keep them running all the time.



No Website Worries!

The main purpose behind this service is to provide easy and affordable plans to Individuals, Professionals and business owners and also making their life easier by removing all their Website worries.

We help website owners in having a always working WordPress Website. We will ensure that your website is live, error free and always up and is accessible all over the world on all types of devices.

Our team is also responsible to do the occasional updates on websites like adding new pictures, changing office address or adding important announcements, so when you change your phone number or address, just let us know by sending an email and we will make the updates on your website.

We believe this will give more freedom and less stress to Website owners and they can better concentrate on their business and services.



We are a team of Designers and Developers based in Pune, India and we are on a mission to make life easier of people and companies who own a website Or are planning wannabe to get one.

You are welcome to drop in our office for a chit chat and discuss your ideas.



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