How it works

The 6-Step Process To Own Beautiful WordPress Website



Getting a new WordPress Website is a breeze with WPRangers. Our 6-Step road map ensures we provide your brand with the ultimate online platform:

  1. Browse and finalize themes.
  2. Complete the order and payment process. We accept Paypal payments.
  3. Post-order confirmation, we will contact you to know your preferences e.g. Domain Name, Hosting, Logo & Other Images, Website Content and Color preferences.
  4. Our team will proceed to setup Domain, Hosting accounts, WordPress and theme installation for your website.
  5. We will share development URL with you and customization, content entry work will start. Feedback will be taken after completion of each feature and we will wait for your approval.
  6. Once finished, we will make the website Live and share important Login information about your WordPress Admin, Domain & Hosting Control panel with you.